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We created a Blackboard tool for importing grade data into Blackboard's Grade Center. This tool is mainly used to help Instructors import Scantron data.
Instructions for instructors on how to release final exam grades from the Grade Centre, and what to do to adjust a final grade before exporting to eGrade.
This webpage provides instructions on how to grade assignments submitted by students through Blackboard.
Blackboard offers a method to add extra credit marks.
Columns are created in the Blackboard Grade Center. These columns are used to track graded activities that are done externally from Blackboard, such as handwritten midterm and final examinations.
Explains where instructors and TA's can find assignment submissions once they have been graded so they can be reviewed once again and remarked.
Instructions for instructors on how to clear a failed attempt in the Grade Centre.
Clean up the downloadable results from a Blackboard survey.
Getting Started guide, list of Blackboard help topics, "UWindsor Students Using Blackboard" video.
Students can view their grades through the My Grades link located in the left menu.