JD Edwards Legacy FIS

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JD Edwards FIS is a legacy Financial Information System that has been replaced in Feb 2017 with UWinsite Finance (Oracle Financial Cloud & Hyperion). At this time, read-only access to this system is allowed to selected group of users, mostly in Finance department.


Browser support:

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, or Safari are NOT compatible with the FIS.
  • Only Internet Explorer 8 or higher is compatible with FIS.
  • Internet Explorer versions 10 & higher require the compatibility view turned on. You will need to confirm that your compatibility view is turned on.
  • An adjustment to the settings within Internet Explorer may be required in order to perform Excel/Word imports or exports. Adding fineweb.uwindsor.ca  as a trusted website will fix the issue.
  • See "How to configure Internet Explorer 11 to optimise it for FIS?" knowledge base article  for more information

Operating Systems (OS):

  • Windows 7 and Windows 10 are supported with Internet Explorer browser.
  • Mac OS X users must arrange to have a software called Parallel installed on their machine in order to be able to access the FIS using Internet Explorer. I.T. Services no longer provides this service.

Requesting Assistance

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