Notifications and Alerts

Fri 7/27/18 12:53 PM

There is a new phishing email going around claiming an account with "office365Lite". Please do not click any links within this message if you receive it and immediately delete the email.

If you have clicked any links within this email, please contact the IT Service Desk at x4440 right away. 

Tue 8/14/18 3:51 PM

After approximately 8 am on Thursday, August 16, 2018, wireless users (eg. typically cell phones connecting to the wireless WIFI network) may be prompted to confirm to accept a new certificate. Wireless authentication systems will switch to the newly renewed certificate indicating either Thawte or DigiCert depending on the wireless client. Depending on the certificate trust setting of the device, some wireless clients may prompt for confirmation to accept the new certificate, and others may simply accept the new certificate transparently requiring no user action. If you see a request to confirm the new certificate as described, it should be safe to accept it on your device.

Mon 8/13/18 2:29 PM

IT Services will be performing preventative maintenance to the University's email servers Thursday August 16 6:00am - 8:00am. There is not expected to be any service outages, but there may be some delays in email delivery.

If message delivery still seems to be delayed after 9:00am, please contact the IT Service desk at ext. 4440 or at

Thu 8/9/18 3:57 PM

An update of the centralized storage equipment is being performed on Aug 23, 2018 from the hours: 05:00 - 08:00. There is no expected outage during the time of the update window.

Thu 7/19/18 8:56 AM

IT Services will be performing maintenance on the GlobalProtect VPN service Thursday July 19 from 6:00-6:30am. This work may result in existing VPN connections failing and will require users to disconnect and reconnect to the VPN.

If there are problems with the VPN after 8:00am, please contact the ServiceDesk at ext. 4440 or open a ticket at