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How to access and update my tickets on Client Portal?

The Client Portal allows you to access all ticket requests you have created or which list you as the requestor. You can open each ticket to see its current status, to add more information to it, or to provide feedback to the staff assigned to work on your ticket.

1. Click on "Sign In" link in the top right sight corner, and enter your UWIn ID and password on the login page. Once you successfully sign in, your name will appear in place of "Sign In" link.


2. Click on "Services" link on the menu ribbon.


3. Click on "Ticket Requests" link on the menu ribbon.

4. By default, only tickets that are marked as Open or In Process will be displayed on the screen. If you want to see all of your tickets, including those that are already marked as Resolved or Closed, pick Select All in a drop-down list in Status Class attribute, then click on Search:

Updating Tickets

To open a ticket on the screen, click on the ticket title.

You can attach a file, such as a screen capture, by clicking on the Add Attachment button near the top and selecting the file either from your computer or your OneDrive.

You can also add a comment to the ticket by by clicking on the Comment button on the bottom. While adding a comment, you can also select names of people from the list that should receive an e-mail with your comment. The list contains names of people assigned to work on this ticket and those that were added as contacts.

If is not possible for you to reopen a ticket that was previously marked as Resolved or Closed. If you believe that your ticket was marked as Resolved or Closed in error, please leave a comment on the ticket requesting that the ticket be re-opened and provide as much information about the issue as possible. Please be sure to select the name of the person responsible for your ticket before saving your comment, to ensure that this person gets notified by e-mail.



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