How to schedule a Teams meeting?

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You can schedule a Teams meeting either in Teams or in Outlook. Use Outlook to schedule your meeting if you do not need to meet in a specific team's channel.

Each of the people that you will include in your meeting invite, will receive an e-mail message. The message will include Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link that they would click to join your meeting from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The invite will also include a toll-free number that they can dial from their phone to join with voice only.

  • If the person joining your meeting does not have Teams desktop or mobile app installed on their device, they will join using web version of Teams. Otherwise, they will be prompted to join in Teams app.
  • External people do not need UWin Account or Microsoft Account to join your meeting. During the process of joining, they will be asked to type in their name. Thy also do not need to install anything on their device to join your meeting.

Watch this brief video tutorial for an overview of scheduling a Teams meeting.


Microsoft Outlook

To schedule a meeting in Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook and switch to the calendar view.
  2. Click New Teams Meeting at the top of the view.

  3. Add your invitees to the Required and Optional fields. These can include faculty, staff and students as well as external people. For the external people, enter their e-mail addresses, or pick their names from your Outlook Contacts (if you have added them there).
  4. Add your meeting subject, start time, and end time.
  5. OPTIONAL: Click on Meeting options link in the body of your invite and adjust your meeting settings accordingly.
  6. Click Send.

Converting an Existing Meeting

If you are the meeting organizer, you can add the Teams meeting to an existing meeting in your calendar, simply by opening the calendar entry and then pressing the "New Teams Meeting" button.  That will add the links to the bottom of the calendar entry description.  You may want to also:

  • Remove the physical location of the meeting if appropriate (i.e. the meeting will be exclusively virtual)
  • Add some information in the description telling people that you have changed the venue or format
  • Don't forget to press "Send Update", and if necessary verify.

Outlook Web (

If you are using the Web version of Outlook, you can create a Teams meeting by sliding the Teams meeting control that is to the right of the location. When you press the Save button at at the top, a calendar entry and invitations will be sent that contain the Teams meeting links.

Teams Channel Meeting

A meeting can be scheduled in a Teams channel. There are some advantages to this method:

  • All members of the team are invited, there is no need to individually invite people to the meeting.
  • The meeting chat and shared files are stored in the Teams channel, so it is easier to review afterwards
  • If additional members are added to the team after the meeting, those users will be able to access the chat and files 

To create a scheduled meeting in a channel, go to the channel and select "Schedule a meeting" from the Meet menu in the upper right corner.

Enter the details as appropriate (title, meeting times and details) but leave the attendees and location fields empty and make sure that the channel name appears above the location.

Press the Send button in the top right corner. All current members of the team will receive a calendar invitation for the meeting that will include the Join meeting link.

The meeting chats will appear in the channel's posts (conversation). In this example they are collapsed, Pressing the "5 replies from you and Craig" will show the meeting chat.

Scheduling a Meeting in a Private Teams Channel

Teams does not support scheduled meetings in private channels yet ☹

You have two options:

  1. You can tell users when the channel will meet (Post a message in the channel and at-mention the channel – that will send a notification to every member of the channel).

    Press the “Meet” button in the channel at the scheduled time to start the meeting. (upper right corner when you are in the channel)
  2. Use a work around that involves creating a calendar invitation using the channel’s email address, as shown in:  
    Unfortunately you will have to enter the students names in the attendee list, but you can make the meeting repeat and the students will get an invitation.
    Note: Use Outlook to schedule the meeting invitation as shown in the video.  If you schedule the meeting in Teams, you may end up with multiple meeting invitation links.

Meeting Options

Meeting options allow you to control permissions in the meeting. 

For more information on using meetings in Teams, visit the Teams Help Center.

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