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Each department has two main teams: one for internal collaboration (i.e. "internal team"), and one for collaborating with users outside of the department (i.e. "external team"). These teams are made up of channels, which are the collaboration spaces within each team in which the actual work is done. Private channels are used to partition each of these teams into sub-teams eliminating the need to create new teams.
When creating a Teams meeting, the default is to let all invitees present and control the meeting. In some cases, this practice may not be desirable. This article shows how the organizer can set the meeting options to limit who can present and control the some meeting options.
How to create and add members to a private channel within Microsoft Teams.
How to reset your audio conferencing PIN
This article summarises and explains differences between three different types of channels that can be added to a team to organise its content. It also provides instructions for creating new channels, recovering deleted channels, and discusses some of the limitations associated with channels.
This article summarizes the limits associated with Microsoft Teams app, such as how many channels can be added to a team, how many members can be added to a team, how many people can participate in a meeting or a group chat, etc.
This guide is intended to support people who have the role of Teams owner.
Understand the differences between joining a Microsoft Teams meeting a guest, or as a signed-on user
A guest is someone who isn't an employee, student, or member of the University of Windsor; they don't have an active UWin Account.
You can schedule a Teams meeting either in Teams or in Outlook. This article provides step by step instructions.
How to setup and conduct a Microsoft Teams Live event for webcasts.
If you're experiencing issues that affect Microsoft Teams, clearing the cache on your device may help.
There may be cases where you want to use the collaboration features of Teams without having to create a separate group, such as a for a student project for a course. This document describes a method of using a persistent chat where you can both communicate with other users, and share files without having to create a new group or team.
An explanation of the process of setting up a guest account for a external presenter at a Teams Live Event.
How to use Microsoft Teams Breakout rooms