Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting (Guest vs Signed In User)

A Microsoft Teams meeting can be joined (entered) using the meeting link that is in the calendar event, Webinar registration email response, or shared in some other way. 

There are two ways of joining the meeting:

  • As a signed in user, with your email address or another Microsoft account
  • A guest (no sign in)


Feature Guest Signed-On User
Chat Can see chats, but not uploaded files Can see chats and uploaded files
See avatars of participants No Yes if the other participant is a UWindsor user
See email addresses of participants No Yes if the other participant is a UWindsor user
Upload Files No Yes
See full phone numbers of callers No No

Signing in to Teams

If you are connecting using a browser you must not be in a private/incognito window. You can join in two ways: With the Teams client app, or in the browser.  The teams client app will give you the best experience and all of the features. When prompted to open the teams client, select "Open Microsoft Teams" from the pop-up, If you don't have Teams installed, you can download it using the Download button.

If you want to join using the browser, select "Continue on this browser" and it may prompt you for your username and password.

Joining as a Guest

In some cases, you may want to join a meeting as an unauthenticated user. You will know that you are guest, if Teams asks you to provide your name for the meeting.  There is a procedure for guest sign on in Teams, and you must use the private/incognito feature of your Web browser.

  1. Open a private window in your Web browser.  This is usually an option in the top-right menu of your browser. In Microsoft Edge, it s called "New InPrivate Window", in Google Chrome it is called "New Incognito Window" and in Firefox the menu option is called "New Private Window". 
  2. Copy the meeting link from the email message or teams calendar (another window)
  3. Paste the URL into the address field of your private window.
  4. Select "Continue on this browser"
  5. You will be prompted to enter a name for the meeting, as shown below:



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A guest is someone who isn't an employee, student, or member of the University of Windsor; they don't have an active UWin Account.