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Pinned Article Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting (Guest vs Signed In User)

Understand the differences between joining a Microsoft Teams meeting a guest, or as a signed-on user

Pinned Article Microsoft Teams - Team Owner’s Guide

This guide is intended to support people who have the role of Teams owner.

Pinned Article Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms

How to use Microsoft Teams Breakout rooms

Pinned Article Tips for People New to Desktop Audio or Video Conferencing

This guide provides some tips for using desktop video conferencing software (such as Microsoft Teams), so that you can avoid common new user problems.

Conversion of Office 365 Groups into Microsoft Teams

As part of the Y2K20 Modern Desktop project, all existing Office 365 Groups are being gradually converted into Teams. In general, when a Group is converted into a Team, all folders and files will be moved into the "General" folder.

Departmental Teams

Each department has two main teams: one for internal collaboration (i.e. "internal team"), and one for collaborating with users outside of the department (i.e. "external team"). These teams are made up of channels, which are the collaboration spaces within each team in which the actual work is done. Private channels are used to partition each of these teams into sub-teams eliminating the need to create new teams.

Guest access in Microsoft Teams

A guest is someone who isn't an employee, student, or member of the University of Windsor; they don't have an active UWin Account.

Having External Presenters in a Live Event

An explanation of the process of setting up a guest account for a external presenter at a Teams Live Event.

How can I find out which teams/groups I belong to as a member or owner?

Instructions for accessing shared files and e-mails that are stored inside Office 365 Groups that you are subscribed to.

How do I conduct a Teams Live Event?

How to setup and conduct a Microsoft Teams Live event for webcasts.

How to edit membership list of an Office 365 Group?

Instructions for adding new members to the group and removing existing members for group's administrator.

How to find out who the members of a team/group are and submit a request to join?

There easiest way to find out who are the members of a particular team or gorup is to use Outlook web app.

How to schedule a Teams meeting?

You can schedule a Teams meeting either in Teams or in Outlook. This article provides step by step instructions.

Known Issue: "Unable to reach the server" error while attempting to share a folder in Sharepoint or OneDrive

While attempting to share a folder in Sharepoint, user may receive the error message that says "Sorry, we are unable to reach the server right now. Please try again later." This is most likely caused by too many items in a folder being shared.

Known Issue: Can't add a person to a private channel

Before a new member can be added to the private channel, they have to be first added as a member to the team that is hosting the private channel.

Meeting Roles: Using Meeting Options to Restrict Participant Actions

When creating a Teams meeting, the default is to let all invitees present and control the meeting. In some cases, this practice may not be desirable. This article shows how the organizer can set the meeting options to limit who can present and control the some meeting options.

Microsoft Teams for Academic Courses (Naming Convention)

When an instructor requests a new Team for their course a team is created using the Class Team template. We try to closely follow the way that courses are named in Brightspace which follows the EDS course section code, over 90% of the time.

Microsoft Teams Limits

This article summarizes the limits associated with Microsoft Teams app, such as how many channels can be added to a team, how many members can be added to a team, how many people can participate in a meeting or a group chat, etc.

Team Channels

This article summarises and explains differences between three different types of channels that can be added to a team to organise its content. It also provides instructions for creating new channels, recovering deleted channels, and discusses some of the limitations associated with channels.

Teams - New Meeting Experience

The desktop version of teams has a new meeting experience where all meetings appear in a separate window and several features are added. This article shows you how to turn this on.

Three Letter Codes (TLC at UWindsor)

Why are we using short codes for departments, and what are the codes?

Using Microsoft Teams for a Student Project or Ad-Hoc Chat

There may be cases where you want to use the collaboration features of Teams without having to create a separate group, such as a for a student project for a course. This document describes a method of using a persistent chat where you can both communicate with other users, and share files without having to create a new group or team.

What is the difference between public and private Office 365 Groups?

Content in a public group can be seen by anybody in your organization. Content in a private group can only be seen by the members of the group.

What's New in Microsoft Teams, November-December 2020

As 2020 winds down to a close, Microsoft has been busy introducing new features in Teams. This is what's new for November and December.

Working with files in Microsoft Cloud

This article describes best p[practices for working with files stored in Microsoft Cloud, which includes OneDrive and Teams / Office 365 Groups / SharePoint Sites.

How to schedule a meeting on an Office 365 Group calendar?

The benefit of creating events, such as departmental meetings, on a group calendar is that everyone who's a member of the group can edit these events.

Changing default permissions on folders and files inside Office 365 Group

Owner of an Office 365 Group has the ability to edit default permissions of individual folders or even individual files.

Known issue: "A file of folder with the name Forms already exists."

When you try to create a folder called "Forms" in Office 365 Group, an error message is displayed informing you that "A file of folder with the name Forms already exists."

Known Issue: A group is not listed even if you are a member

In some cases you need to "follow" a group for it to show on the list of groups in OneDrive app on

Known issue: Error message while opening Excel file with a very long path on Windows 7

When trying to open certain .xls files in Excel 2013 that are stored in a subfolder that is nested several layers deep, an error message comes up: "Sorry, we couldn't find <filepath>. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?"