Using Microsoft Teams for a Student Project or Ad-Hoc Chat

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Microsoft Teams are based around Groups. Each private team is associated with a group. There may be cases where you want to use the collaboration features of Teams without having to create a separate group, such as a for a student project for a course. This document describes a method of using a persistent chat where you can both communicate with other users, and share files without having to create a new group or team.

There are various ways to use Microsoft Teams.

  • Using a Web browser, go to
  • If you would like to use the Teams app on your desktop, click the Get app button  on the left side in the Web site to download it.  Once it is downloaded, you can start the separate Teams app, and have it automatically start when you are logged in.  If you run the app, you are notified faster when new messages appear.
  • If you want to use the Teams app on your mobile device, download Teams from the Apple App Store or Google Play

The instructions provided in this article are for the Web browser or desktop Teams app.

Step 1: Create a new group chat

From the top bar, click on the New Chat button that looks like a pencil on paper and it is just to the left of the search box.

Step 2: Add users to the chat

Enter the names of the other users that should be a part of this persistent chat in the To: field.  As you start typing the name, selection menus may appear. You will automatically be added to the chat, so you don't need to select yourself.

Step 3: Send a Message

It is a good idea to send out a welcome message to the group.  Enter it at the bottom of the app and then press return or click on the send button (looks like a paper airplane)

Step 4: Give the chat a name

To make it easier for everyone, enter a name for the group chat by pressing the pencil icon to the right of the list of users.

Share Files

You can add files by going to the Files tab, then clicking on the Share link. Other participants in the chat can edit and upload files as well.

Video and Audio Meetings

Use the buttons to the right of the chat name to start a video or audio meeting with the other users. You can add users with the right-most button.

Resources and Troubleshooting

If you are using a Web browser for Teams meetings, the new Edge and Chrome are preferred. More information.

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