Microsoft File Server, OneDrive, Office 365 Groups, Teams

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File hosting and sharing service in Microsoft Cloud.

SharePoint (Sites/Teams/Groups)

Collaboration platform that combines Teams IM, meetings and files powered by SharePoint woven together by Office 365 Groups.

Microsoft Distributed File Service (DFS)

I.T. Services maintains a cluster to file servers is that provide on-premise shared storage space for files that can be accessed by the workstations through the network. These shared file spaces are known as "network file shares."

Samba (SMB) File Sharing

Samba provides file sharing services seamlessly integrating Windows and Unix file systems.

Novell File Sharing

Novell is a legacy file sharing platform that has been replaced by Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Office 365 Groups. All Novell servers are scheduled to be retired in 2019.

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