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How to save Outlook contacts to your phone
Error "Policy does not allow granting permissions at this level to one or more of the recipient(s)" when sharing calendar in Outlook for Windows client.
A workaround for Outlook 2013 limitation that does not include the attachment in the reply when replying to a message with an attachment.
IT Services utilizes the anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities of Office 365, which block delivery of unwanted emails to your main inbox in Outlook 2016 for Mac by placing it in the Junk Email folder. You can manage some elements of this service using the Junk email settings in Outlook on the Web.
IT Services utilizes the Outlook Junk Email Filter to block delivery of unwanted emails to your main inbox.This article defines how to check junk mail and set junk mail settings.
Users of Outlook can create their own e-mail distribution lists in Outlook that are known as Contact Lists.
How to add shared mailboxes to the Outlook mobile app
There are several different ways that users can access an Office 365 shared mailbox.
Steps for post-installation configuration of MS Outlook for Mac.
Steps for post-installation configuration of MS Outlook 2013 for Windows.
Instructions for creating a room reservation in Outlook.
If you had mail archive in Lotus Notes, it was migrated to Office 365 and you will be able to access it in both Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA).
There are two different ways to grant someone access to your calendar in Outlook 2013. The first method allows you to grant one of the three predefined levels of access and send e-mail notification to this person at the same time. Method number two, provides you with greater control and granularity over the access level for each person. We recommend that you use method number one to grant access initially, then method number two to further refine access level and other related settings.
The Auto-Complete List in desktop version of Outlook is a feature that displays suggestions ad possible matches for names and e-mail addresses as you start to type them in the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes. In some situations, there might be entries that you want to remove, such as entries that are no longer current or accurate.
In order for you to see all details of the room bookings, you must have full admin access to that room. Only local room administrators are permitted to have full access to a particular room calendar.