What is Microsoft FindTime?

FindTime is an Office 365 add-in from Microsoft that allows you to take the work out of trying to schedule meetings with a number of people, either inside or outside of the University.

FindTime allows you to select a number of options for a meeting time, and invites the recipient to vote on what times work best for them. Depending on the setting for the invite, you can allow recipients to propose different times, tentatively reserve all times in the calendar until all votes are cast, and even have FindTime automatically book the meeting once consensus is reached, saving you time from having to contact people back and forth in order to find a time that works for all.

To use FindTime with your Office 365 account, go to https://findtime.microsoft.com and click the Install button. Sign in with your full UwinID@uwindsor.ca and Uwin password, and follow the prompts to add the add-in to your Outlook for Windows client. It will automatically display in Outlook on the Web.

Recipients do not need to have FindTime installed, nor do they require an Office 365 account. They can vote for meetings right in the e-mail they receive.

To view the status of your meeting invites, you can go to https://findtime.microsoft.com, click on the "Sign In" button, and log in with your UwinID@uwindsor.ca and Uwin password.

For more information, please watch these brief instructional videos.


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