Exchange Online and Outlook is University's official messaging platform.

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Pinned Article Accessing UWindsor Email Account

Links to articles providing specific instructions for various platforms and operating systems.

Pinned Article Editing Outlook's Auto-Complete List

The Auto-Complete List in desktop version of Outlook is a feature that displays suggestions ad possible matches for names and e-mail addresses as you start to type them in the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes. In some situations, there might be entries that you want to remove, such as entries that are no longer current or accurate.

Pinned Article Transition from UWin Gmail to Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online & Outlook)

UWin Gmail system has been retired. As of January 2020, all incoming students are being provisioned with Exchange Online e-mail account instead of UWin Gmail account. All users with UWin Gmail accounts in good standing have been migrated to Microsoft 365 / Outlook in Summer 2020. Accounts that were not migrated have been disabled and can no longer be accessed. Access to this service ended on April 30, 2022.

Accessing a Shared Mailbox

There are several different ways that users can access a shared mailbox.

Accessing a Shared Mailbox in Outlook Web App

Instructions for accessing a shared mailbox to Outlook web app, which is a web browser version of Outlook. There are three different ways to do it.

Accessing University Microsoft 365 Account on Android Device

Your University Microsoft 365 e-mail account can be accessed on your Android 10 or newer smartphone or tablet via the Microsoft Outlook mobile app that is installed automatically on all Intune-administered mobile devices.

Accessing UWindsor E-mail Account Using Outlook Web App

Web version of Outlook called Outlook Web App or OWA, allows you to access your UWin Office 365 account in a browser on any computer or mobile devices that is connected to the Internet without the need to install or configure anything.

Adding your University of Windsor e-mail account to Outlook app (Windows)

Steps for post-installation configuration of MS Outlook 2013 for Windows.

Archiving E-mails in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers a feature called Online Archive (Outlook desktop app) / InPlace Archive (Outlook Web app) that once enabled for your mailbox, will reduce its size when it approaches its quota by automatically moving older messages form the mail mailbox to the archive mailbox.

Can Outlook load images automatically for selected senders?

Outlook has a security feature which by default is configured not to load any embedded images in HTML e-mail messages received from outside of Office 365 domain. This article discusses common issues associated with this feature.

Cannot send or reply to messages on my Apple device running iOS 11

Cannot send or reply to messages on my Apple device running iOS 11

Comparing Microsoft 365 Groups, Teams and Distribution Lists

An outline of differences between these different types of groups.

Did someone compromise my e-mail account?

Delivery failure report for the e-mail message that you did not send.

E-mail Distribution List and Mail Enabled Security Groups - Admin Guide

If you are listed as the owner of the distribution list, you can make changes to the members of the list by following the instructions outlined in this article.

Error message when attaching files in Outlook on the Web: "Something went wrong while connecting to OneDrive for Business"

Microsoft is reporting an issue with Outlook on the Web that appears to be affecting our Office 365 users.

Exchange Online Limits

Find the Exchange Online limits for a variety of service areas, including mailbox storage limits, e-mail distribution lists, to name just a few.

How can I tell which distribution lists and groups a person belongs to in Office 365?

By looking at the Membership section of the person's Contact Card in Outlook, you will be able to see all of the distribution lists and groups that the person belongs to.

How do I "Send and File" messages in Outlook?

How to duplicate Lotus Notes feature called "Send & File" that allowed the sender to save a copy of the sent message in a folder other than the default "Sent Items" folder.

How do I add a shared mailbox to Outlook for Mac?

Instructions on adding shared mailboxes to Outlook for Mac.

How do I add a shared mailbox to Outlook for Windows desktop app?

Instructions on adding a shared mailbox to Outlook 365/2016 for Windows

How do I add a shared mailbox to the Outlook Mobile App?

How to add shared mailboxes to the Outlook mobile app

How do I add the University academic dates and holidays to my Outlook calendar?

Instructions to add the University academic dates and statutory holidays calendar to Outlook 2013.

How do I address an e-mail message in Outlook using the UWindsor Directory?

If you want to search by last name only, enter the last name in the To:. CC: or BCC: field, and hit Control+K or click the "Check names button. This will display a dialog with all of the people with that last name. You can then select the correct person based on their first name, title, e-mail address, office address, phone number, etc.

How do I allow someone else to manage my mail and calendar in Outlook?

Delegate Access goes beyond just sharing access to your folders or calendar. Delegates are granted additional permissions, such as creating email messages or responding to meeting requests on your behalf.

How do I book a HyFlex classroom for practice purposes?

How to book a HyFlex classroom for instructor practice

How do I configure Outlook to send an automatic reply for each message received?

Setup automatic reply for every message received overwriting default functionality of only one automatic reply per e-mail address.

How do I create an "All Documents" view in Outlook for Windows?

Instructions for duplicating Lotus Notes' "All documents" view in Outlook for Windows

How do I get Outlook to recognize commas in a list of e-mail addresses?

By default, Outlook 2013 for Windows uses semi-colons to separate a list of e-mail addresses. There is an option to allow for commas as e-mail address separators as well.

How do I grant someone access to my calendar in Outlook

There are two different ways to grant someone access to your calendar in Outlook 2013. The first method allows you to grant one of the three predefined levels of access and send e-mail notification to this person at the same time. Method number two, provides you with greater control and granularity over the access level for each person. We recommend that you use method number one to grant access initially, then method number two to further refine access level and other related settings.

How do I interpret Enhanced Mail System Status Codes

A set of extended status codes for use within the mail system for delivery status reports, tracking, and improved diagnostics. In combination with other information provided in the Delivery Status Notification (DSN) delivery report, these codes facilitate media and language independent rendering of message delivery status.

How do I remove a shared mailbox from Outlook?

If you no longer need access to a shared maibox, you need to notify IT Service Desk and follow these instructions to remove an account in your Outlook 2013.

How do I reply to a message with an attachment and include the attachment in my reply in Outlook

A workaround for Outlook 2013 limitation that does not include the attachment in the reply when replying to a message with an attachment.

How do I reset MS Outlook desktop app on Windows PC?

This article explains how to reset Outlook profile which stores your e-mail account data.

How do I set Microsoft Outlook to be the default mail client on my Mac?

If you have Lotus Notes and Outlook installed on your Windows 7 workstation, you may have to manually update your settings to switch your default e-mail program form Lotus Notes to Outlook. This ensures that Outlook will be used in place of Lotus Notes whenever you click on any so called "mail to" links, such as when you release blocked messages from quarantine by clicking the message ID link in your spam digest message

How do I setup Outlook for Mac to access my UWin Office 365 account?

Steps for post-installation configuration of MS Outlook for Mac.

How many e-mail addresses can I put in Outlook's and OWA's To, CC & BCC fields?

To combat spam and mass-mailing worms or viruses, Microsoft imposes the following limits in Office 365 to messages, senders, or recipients.

How to add my University Office 365 account to my BlackBerry 10?

Steps for adding UWin Office 365 account to BlackBerry device that is running BlackBerry OS 10. Not applicable to BlackBerry devices with older OS versions.

How to add my UWin Office 365 account as new additional account to Outlook?

Instructions for adding your UWin Office 365 account as a "new account" to your Outlook without having to reinstall Outlook or having to remove your existing account data.

How to add or remove my University Office 365 account to my iPhone or iPad?

There are two ways to access your University Office 365 account on your iOS device - either with the native built in Mail, Contacts and Calendars app, or with Microsoft's Outlook app, available from the Apple App Store.

How to back up Outlook's signatures?

Microsoft Outlook does not roam user's signature. It needs to be backed up manually before the user is switched to a new computer of a new Windows profile.

How to create and add an e-mail signature in Outlook and OWA?

Instructions for creating e-mail signature in Outlook 2013 for Windows, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook Web App (OWA)

How to enable Automated Replies (Out of Office) feature for a shared mailbox?

Follow these steps to enable automatic replies (a.k.a. Out-of-Office feature) inside a shared mailbox using Outlook Web App (OWA).

How to import religious and/or state holidays into Outlook?

Instructions for importing various holidays, such as Canadian, U.S. state holidays, or Jewish, Islamic, etc. religious holidays.

How to specify Reply-To address in Outlook

To have the replies of an email be delivered by default to someone else's mailbox instead of your own is possible when using the Outlook client. However you must have access to the designated recipient's mailbox. This is particularly useful when you want any replies that may come from an email being sent out to be delivered to a group mailbox.

I receive the error "Policy does not allow granting permissions at this level to one or more of the recipient(s)" when trying to share my calendar in Outlook for Windows. How do I fix this?

Error "Policy does not allow granting permissions at this level to one or more of the recipient(s)" when sharing calendar in Outlook for Windows client.

Is it possible to recall a message using Outlook or Office 365?

How to recall a message using Outlook 2013, and message recall limitations to be aware of.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts in Outlook?

This article provides a workaround to the limit of accounts that can be added to Outlook. By default, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 allow up to 10 Exchange accounts to be configured in a single mail profile. If you for some reason need to add more than 10 Exchange accounts to your mail profile, you can extend this limit to via a Windows Registry tweak.

Moving a received e-mail message to an Office 365 Group

If you are a member of an Office 365 Group, and you have received an e-mail message which was not sent to the Group’s e-mail address, but you wish to save it into the Group as an e-mail communication you need to follow the steps outlined in this article.

Retirement of Basic Authentication in Microsoft 365 E-mail

Microsoft recently announced that on October 1, 2022, basic authentication will be permanently disabled in Microsoft 365 for all organizations.

Unsubscribing from Cortana Daily Briefing

University of Windsor users with an Office 365 license will receive daily briefing emails from If you do not wish to receive these emails, then you can quickly opt-out so you will not receive them in the future.

What does "Delivery time expired" error message mean?

A typical e-mail server is configured to try to deliver an e-mail message for a specific period of time, most often 4 days.

What is a personalized e-mail address?

This article includes everything you need to know about personal e-mail address, such as

What is Microsoft FindTime (Scheduling Poll)?

FindTime is an Office 365 add-in from Microsoft that allows you to take the work out of trying to schedule meetings with a number of people, either inside or outside of the University. Learn how to install Microsoft FindTime for Outlook/Office 365.

What is Phishing

Phishing scams are fake e-mails trying to trick users into actions on behalf of the scanner. This article shows how to recognize phishing messages, how to avoid them and what to do when you discover one.

What is the difference between sharing folders, such as Calendar, in Outlook and delegating access?

There are two ways to work with another person's Outlook folders, such as Calendar, — folder sharing and Delegate Access.

What is the maximum size for an e-mail message with attachments?

The maximum size of an e-mail message on all University e-mail systems is 35 MB. Alternatives for sharing large files are OneDrive and Big File Drop Box.

What is the University's mass mail policy?

There are occasions when a University-wide communication is an appropriate means to send a message to a large group of people.

What message protection options are available for Office 365?

Office 365 message encryption and protection

Why am I able to open and read e-mail messages in my Outlook mailbox without entering the password?

Explains why you are not being prompted to enter your password every time you start Outlook, which is what you had to do each time you started Lotus Notes.

Why am I receiving hundreds of delivery failure reports for a message that I did not send?

Hundreds of delivery failure reports for the e-mail message that you did not send.

Why are my folders not displaying in alphabetical order in Outlook?

Outlook 2013 allows you to have folders in any order you choose - you can re-arrange them however you see fit.

Why are some messages missing from my folders in Outlook after my mailbox was migrated from Lotus Notes?

In Outlook, it is not possible to have an e-mail message appear in more than one folder. Therefore, all copies of sent messages would only appear in "Sent Items" folder after the migration, even if they were filed in other folders in Lotus Notes while being sent out. Also, messages stored in Inbox folder would no longer appear in any other folder that they may have been added to in Lotus Notes.

Why did my e-mail message bounce back with such a big delay?

Explains why in some cases the Delivery Failure Report does not get generated instantly on failed delivery.

Why do I receive the error "Message could not be saved" when sending a message with an attachment in Outlook for Mac?

You must run Repair Disk Permissions utility that may take a few minutes depending on the amount of files you have on your Mac. Once the repair is complete, launch Outlook and you should be able to send attachments.

Why entries that I add to my calendar on iPhone/iPad do not synchronise to my Outlook/OWA?

Most likely you have multiple accounts set up on your device, and another account's calendar is configured as your default calendar. Follow the steps included to fix this.

Why I am not seeing meeting invitation response from someone who accepted my invitation in Outlook?

People can accept meeting invitations in Outlook 2013 without sending a response to the meeting chair.

Why is the calendar permissions button greyed out in Outlook 2016 for Mac?

Instructions to make the calendar permissions button in Outlook for Mac 2016 visible

Managing and Reporting Spam and Phishing Messages in Outlook

IT Services utilizes the Outlook Junk Email Filter to block delivery of unwanted emails to your inbox. This article explains how to check and set junk mail settings. It also explains how to report spam and suspected phishing messages.

How can I see who is in a group or mailing list before I send an e-mail message in Outlook?

There are two different ways to display the names of members of a group or mailing list in Outlook before sending an e-mail message addressed to that group or mailing list.

How to create your own e-mail distribution list in Outlook?

Users of Outlook can create their own e-mail distribution lists in Outlook that are known as Contact Lists.