What is a personalized e-mail address?

A personalized e-mail address is an alternate, more user-friendly, more business-like version of your University of Windsor e-mail address. For example, say your name is Christopher J Lancer and your UWin ID is "clancer". Your primary e-mail address would then automatically be clancer@uwindsor.ca. Your personalized e-mail address could be Chris.Lancer@uwindsor.ca or Christopher.Lancer@uwindsor.ca or Christopher.J.Lancer@uwindsor.ca

Both primary and personalized e-mail address are associated with the same mailbox. Your primary e-mail address was assigned to you automatically when you activate your UWin Account. Your personalized e-mail address is optional.

At the time this service was launched, existing faculty, sessional instructors, and staff who already had a UWindsor e-mail address were offered a choice to select their new personalized e-mail address based on their preferred or given names. New faculty, sessional instructors, and staff will have their personalized e-mail address created when their UWinID is created and will be able to send and receive e-mail using both their personalized e-mail address as well as your primary address.

Note that a personalized email address service is available only to faculty, sessional instructors, and staff. Students are not eligible for this service.

If you are listed in the UWindsor Find-A-Person Directory, your personalized e-mail address will be published there as your e-mail address. Once the personalized e-mail address is activated, your primary e-mail address will no longer be displayed in the directory. This has the benefit of making your UWinID less visible and thus enhances security, particularly because it is used to log in to other systems.

For new accounts personalized e-mail address will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis in the case of conflicts.

The choices offered at activation time will be as follows:

1st choice: Preferredname.Lastname@uwindsor.ca

Note: If you do not have a preferred first name defined and would like one, you will be able to contact HR by selecting the link displayed to have them update your preferred first name.

In the case where a PreferredFirstname.Lastname is already in use or was not specified at the time of hiring, the following choices will be tried to select a unique e-mail address:

2nd choice: Firstname.Lastname@uwindsor.ca

3rd choice: PreferredFirstnameInitial.Lastname@uwindsor.ca

4th choice: Firstname.MiddleInitial.Lastname@uwindsor.ca

Note: The first character and the first character after each period will be displayed in uppercase. This is only for appearance sake, however, as e-mail addresses are not case sensitive.    

Your personalized email address will be derived from your name and cannot be or imply any University related role.

Only characters found on a regular English keyboard that are valid in an e-mail address will be allowed within a personalized email address. Generally these include uppercase and lowercase English letters (a–z, A–Z), a period (.), and a hyphen (-)

Normally, a personalized e-mail address will continue to exist as long as the user's UWin Account is active. If for some reason, a personalized e-mail address is deactivated, it may be reassigned to another person after 60 days. 

The University of Windsor reserves the right to reclaim any address it may need to use in carrying out the business of the University.

You will not be able to use your personalized e-mail address to login to other systems where you now use your UWinID or uwinid@uwindsor.ca as login name. The personalized e-mail address is for e-mail use only. However, some external Web sites allow you to specify an e-mail address as their login name. You will need to continue to use the same login userid  - i.e. email address, as you registered with them to access their services. They will not be aware that you have a personalized e-mail address available for receiving e-mail at the University.

There are no functional differences between the personalized e-mail address and primary University of Windsor e-mail address. E-mail messages sent to either of the two versions of your e-mail address will go to the same mailbox. Your personalized e-mail address offers you a visual advantage to have a more formally looking official University of Windsor e-mail address.

To request a personalized e-mail address, please complete this form

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