Transition from UWin Gmail to Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online & Outlook)

UWin Gmail system has been retired. As of January 2020, all incoming students are being provisioned with Exchange Online e-mail account instead of UWin Gmail account. All users with UWin Gmail accounts in good standing have been migrated to Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online & Outlook) in Summer 2020. Accounts that were not migrated have been deleted and can no longer be accessed or migrated. Access to this service ended on April 30, 2022.

 The University of Windsor invested in this upgrade to provide students and alumni with:   

  • the same e-mail platform as faculty and staff, facilitating easier collaboration within the campus community   
  • an integrated system with communication, authoring and collaboration tools in one place (students only) 
  • more secure e-mail 
  • additional communication and collaboration tools such as Teams, Stream, Bookings and Shifts which require users to have Outlook mailbox and calendar (students only)

To check your email, please visit

Please note:

  • There is no change to email addresses. It is only the tool students and alumni use for their e-mail that has changed.  
  • Alumni UWin Accounts with a password that was not in good standing as of November 3, 2020 had their UWin Gmail account disabled starting November 4, 2020. Disabled accounts were not migrated to Outlook.

What Was Migrated

As part of the UWin Gmail to Microsoft 365 Outlook Migration, the following items in your UWin Gmail account were migrated to Outlook:

  • Mail Messages
  • Calendar Entries
  • Contacts (maximum of three addresses per contact)

For students only, files stored in your Google Drive were also migrated to OneDrive.

What Was Not Migrated

Due to the technical limitations, the following were not migrated:


  • Vacation Settings or Automatic reply settings as well as Filters or Rules


  • Shared calendars, cloud attachments, Google Hangout links and event colors


  • A maximum of three e-mail addresses per contact were migrated over
  • Gmail tags, contact URLs and custom tags were not migrated over

Files (students only)

  • Sharing Links were not migrated. You will need to reshare any files from OneDrive after migration.
  • File versions were not migrated - only the most recent version of the file was migrated to OneDrive.
  • Google does not allow us to export Drawings, Forms, Sites, and Maps from Drive. These were not transferred.
  • Google Docs, Slides and Sheets: Google's proprietary formats are not compatible with anything other than G Suite Drive. When migrating from G Suite, Docs, Slides and Sheets were converted to the Microsoft Office format.
  • Any Google Doc, Slide or Sheet larger than 10MB were not migrated. You will need to download and move any of these files over manually.
  • Any files marked as restricted were not migrated over.

Gmail Labels vs. Outlook Mail Folders

Mail on Office 365 doesn't support labels. How was mail translated to folders? In order to provide the best mail experience in Outlook as well as account for the Focused/Other view, we translated most labels to folders. 

  • Mail with the 'Starred' label became flagged.
  • Mail with the 'Important' label influenced its Focused/Other designation.
  • Mail with other labels was copied into a folder with the corresponding label name.
  • Mail with no other labels was moved to the Archive folder.

This means that some items that had multiple flags in Gmail will appear in multiple folders in Office 365.


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