How do I configure Outlook to send an automatic reply for each message received?

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When you enable the automatic reply in Outlook/Outlook on the Web, it will respond only once to an e-mail address.

To have an automatic reply be sent upon receipt of every e-mail, you must setup a server-mail rule to do this.  Currently this is only possible with the Outlook client for Windows.

1.  In Outlook, click on File, and then "Manage Rules and Alerts"
2.  Select the correct mailbox (if you have more than one), and then click "New Rule"
3.  In the Rules Wizard box, select "Apply rule to messages I receive" and click next

4.  On the "select conditions" screen, click next.  You will receive a warning that this rule will apply to all messages you receive.
Click "Yes" to proceed.

5.  Next, select "have server reply using a specific message" as the action, and then in the
"Step 2" box, click on "specific message" this will open a blank message for you to compose.
Compose the message, and hit "Save & Close" at the top of the mesage window.

6.  Click next.  Setup any exceptions you wish to have, and then click next again.

7.  To finish the rule setup, provide a name for the rule, ensure "turn on this rule" is checked
and click finish.  Now, any e-mail that is received will be sent an automatic reply every time
with the message you have specified.


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