How to create your own e-mail distribution list in Outlook?

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Users of Outlook can create their own e-mail distribution lists in Outlook that are known as Contact Groups. They work the same way as e-mail distribution lists that are stored in the global directory, except they can only be used by the person who created them because they are stored inside Contacts app associated with the specific account.

To create a new Contact Group, follow these steps:

1. Launch Outlook desktop app.

2. Click on the New Items icon on the ribbon and select More Items - Contact Group

3. Enter the desired name for your Contact Group.

4. Click on Add Members icon on the ribbon to select names for your group. To pick names from the global address book, select From Address Book. To pick names from your local Contacts, select From Outlook Contacts.

Each time you select a name, click on Members -> button to add it to your group. When finished selecting names, click OK.

5. Click Save & Close icon on the ribbon to save your new group.


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