How to enable archiving of e-mails in Outlook?

In order to keep your Outlook running as efficiently as possible, we are recommending to keep your Office 365 mailbox size below one gigabyte (1 GB). Large mailboxes make browsing and searching messages slower, can cause performance degradation and freezes/crashes, and are more prone to corruption.

In order to address this, and provide users with additional tools for mailbox management, we offer automated server-side archiving to all users that can be enabled by request. Please note that if you had automated archiving enabled in Lotus Notes, your Notes archive was migrated to Office 365 and any message that is older than 2 years, will automatically be archived in Office 365 (Microsoft default setting).

By default, archiving is not enabled for any new Office 365 accounts. You may request an archive for your account or shared mailbox by opening an Office 365 support ticket.  If you had your archives migrated form Lotus Notes, your Office 365 mailbox will archive messages older than 2 years automatically.

If you currently have an archive in Outlook 2013, you can modify the archiving on individual folders or on on the entire mailbox, by assigning a different archiving policy to the folder or the mailbox. To enable archiving for the entire mailbox, follow these steps:

1. Launch Outlook 2013 for Windows and go to mail.

2. Select the account/mailbox that you want to enable archiving for by clicking on the e-mail address.

3. On the menu ribbon, click on Folder tab then on the Policy button.

4. In the dialogue box go to Online Archive section on the Policy tab and select the duration of your choice:  90 days, 180 days (6 months), 1 year, 5 years, or never.  The "parent folder policy" is equal to 2 years.


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