How to reserve a meeting room in Outlook?

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You can reserve a meeting room in Outlook while you are composing your meeting invitation.

Outlook Desktop App

1. Open your calendar and click on the New Meeting button on the ribbon. If you are not seeing this button on the ribbon, please click on the Home tab near the top of your Outlook window. Note that you must be in your calendar for this button to appear on your ribbon.



2. Click on the Location button that appears below Start/End Time section.



 3. Browse the list of available rooms, or search for your room using full or partial building name. Double-click the name of the room that you would like to book and make sure the room name appears in the filed on the bottom of the dialogue box, then click OK.



4. Fill out the rest of the fields in your meeting invitation as appropriate.

5. Click on the Scheduling Assistant button on the ribbon to see the availability of your invitees, including the availability of the room. Adjust the date/time accordingly if the room you want is not available, or repeat these steps to select a different room.


After you send your meeting invitation, you will receive an e-mail confirmation for your room booking. Note that some rooms can only be booked by a selected group of people in one department. If you are not authorised to book a particular room, you will be informed of this in the e-mail message that you will receive after sending you invitation.