Reserve rooms and equipment inside Outlook.

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Pinned Article How to reserve a meeting room in Outlook?

Instructions for creating a room reservation in Outlook.

How to access and view a room schedule and bookings in Outlook?

In Office 365, each room and resource has its own separate calendar/mailbox associated with it. If you want to access and/or manage the schedule for a particular room, you can add the respective room's calendar to Outlook's Calendar section.

How to manage a room schedule and bookings in Outlook?

In order for you to see all details of the room bookings, you must have full admin access to that room. Only local room administrators are permitted to have full access to a particular room calendar.

How to manage room reservations in Outlook Online at

If you are listed as an administrator of a room, you can add reservations for this room directly onto room's calendar in Outlook Online.

How to request new rooms to be added?

This article explains how to submit a request to add a new room to the system.

How to reserve television studio, sound studio, or video conference room using Outlook

To reserve one of the studios in Erie Hall, you can submit your request using Outlook. Note that your request will be submitted for approval and your reservation will not be complete until you receive a confirmation message.