How to reserve television studio, sound studio, or video conference room using Outlook

To reserve one of the studios in Erie Hall, you can submit your request using Outlook. Note that your request will be submitted for approval and your reservation will not be complete until you receive a confirmation message.

1. Start Outlook and go to your calendar.

2. Click on New Appointment

3. Click on Invite Attendees

4. Enter the subject for your event in the Subject field. 

5. Click on Rooms

6. Enter "Erie" in the first field and click on Go. This will display all of the rooms available for booking in Erie Hall

7. Select the room that you would like to book and click on Rooms and then OK

8. To see the room availability click on Scheduling Assistant.

9. Adjust date and time and ensure that the room you selected is available in that time slot. If not, select a different room or different date/time.

10. Once you found a desired room for the specific date/time, click on Appointment to exit Scheduling Assistant interface.

11. Add people that you would like to invite to this event (optional) then click on Send to submit your reservation request.

Once your reservation request was approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

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