How to manage room reservations in Outlook Online at

If you are listed as an administrator of a room, you can add reservations for this room directly onto room's calendar in Outlook Online.

First, you have to add a calendar associated with the room that you want to manage to your list of calendars in Outlook Online. Note that you can add calendars for multiple rooms and overlay them on the top of each other. Calendars for different rooms will be represented by different colors. 

Adding a room calendar

1. Launch a web browser and sign into Office 365 Portal at

2. Click on Outlook icon to launch Outlook Online.

3. Click on Calendar icon to switch to a calendar view.

4. Click on Add calendar and select From directory.

5. Enter the name of the building where the room is located, for example Erie Hall, and click on Search Directory. Scroll down the list of results to locate the room of interest. Click on the room that you want to manage. 

6. Click on Open.


  • The calendar for your room will be displayed alongside your own calendar. If you prefer to have it overlaid on the top of your calendar, click on the Merge icon in the top rith corner
  • If you want to hide your calendar, unselected it on the list of calendars in the navigator on the right.
  • You can repeat steps 4 to 6 to add additional room calendars. You can then select multiple calendars to have them overlaid on the top of each other.
  • To change a colour for the calendar, right-click on the calendar and select Colour on the pop-up menu.

Adding a reservation

Once you added a room calendar to your Outlook Online, you can add room reservations directly onto the calendar.

1. Click on New and select Calendar event.

2. Enter a title for your event, date, and start and end time.

3. Click on the drop-down below the "Save to Calendar" and select the room that the booking is for.

4. If you want this to be a repeating reservation (optional), click on drop-down below "Repeat" and select a desired pattern.

5. Click on Save.

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