Working with files in Microsoft Cloud

There are two types of storage spaces for files in Microsoft Cloud:

  1. OneDrive
  2. Teams (aka Office 365 Groups or SharePoint Sites)

Both of these are hosted in SharePoint Online, which is Microsoft's technology for storing, indexing and organising content.


OneDrive refers to individual storage space that gets allocated to every user with an active UWin Account. This includes all faculty, staff and students. Each user gets 1TB of space than can be increased to 5TB, if needed.

OneDrive sync software is pre-installed on every computer running Windows 10 and is used to create and sync local copies of files on the workstation.

Files stored on OneDrive are not accessible to anyone except the owner of OneDrive, unless they are shared individually with other users or groups.

Teams / Office 365 Groups / SharePoint Sites

Files stored in this area are automatically shared with a pre-determined number of users who are listed as owners or members of these teams/groups.

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