Where do I find the TD1 tax estimator in myUWinfo?

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There is a TD1 tax estimator on the CRA website which is a valuable tool for employees who have difficulty filling out their TD1 forms. 


The tool asks some key questions then populates the TD1 form for you to print, sign and submit to the payroll department. 


To access the CRA TD1 Tax Estimator through myUWinfo:


  1. In your web browser go to myuwinfo.uwindsor.ca
  2. On the Sign in screen, enter (or select) your UWinID@uwindsor.ca. Click the Next button. 
  3. On the Enter password screen, enter your UWin Account password. Click the Sign in button. 
  4. If required to do so, complete the multi-factor authentication (MFA) process.
  5. On your myUWinfo homepage, click one of the My Pay options.                        
  6. In the Additional Items box, click the CRA TD1 Tax Estimator link.                                                              
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Tue 7/14/20 12:05 PM

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