NVivo Licensing

It has been determined that the perpetual license is the better option moving forward for NVivo licensing.  It has also been ascertained that the savings generated by purchasing perpetual licenses in bulk is not significant enough to merit IT Services being involved. Also, by not purchasing in bulk, each user can decide when and if they want to upgrade independently, as opposed to all license holders having to do so all at the same time. 

As such, Faculty and Staff users who want to continue using NVivo can order their licenses directly from QSR by going to myNvivo Portal, creating an account and then clicking on Purchase to see the options for buying Nvivo. NOTE: There are Academic pricing options for Nvivo with the Windows version being comparable to the price we were quoted for the renewal, and, in fact, the price for the MAC version being less. 

Students are also able to purchase one-year Nvivo licenses directly from QSR by going to myNvivo Portal at a rate much below anything that we have been able to offer in the past.

For anyone who wants to remain using one-year licensing for NVivo may do so by logging into https://uwindsor.onthehub.com/ with your UWinID and password, clicking on More Software and then Data Analysis. 

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Faculty, staff and students who would like to use software that is not covered by any of the campus-wide licensing agreements can submit a request to purchase a license or renew/transfer existing license.