Finance Oracle Quarterly Update Release Ticket & Workflow

Effective with release 21A, which we will receive in March 2021, Oracle is no longer making configurable e-mails for the various applications, Expenses, Payment Requests, Journals etc. optional. We must opt in. We will need to configure this. We do not have a choice but to configure as it will no longer be an option, however, this functionality should provide benefits as we will have more options to customize the notifications. If we do not implement the change the emails received throughout the campus will change, the email notification process will not function properly. We cannot opt out of it any longer. We can configure this in a way to help the campus. We expect that we may be able to include additional fields on the notifications such as project numbers, account numbers etc. We will need to do a review to what our options are but as this is considered an enhanced feature by Oracle, we expect this to be something that the campus will want. It is critical that this is in the non production environment and tested by mid February.

Environments in the Cloud include:

  1. Test
  2. Dev1 - used for most testing, Ivona uses exclusively for HCM (Refresh Dev1, SOA not affected by refresh).
  3. Dev2
  4. Prod 

New releases are deployed in all three non-prod environments (Test, Dev1, Dev2) on the first Friday of Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec in each quarter. Production environment (Prod) is updated on the third Friday of Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec in each quarter.

Daily updates / integrations between PBCS and Cloud Financials (Mon-Fri) for budget entries / changes.  

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