UWinsite Finance is a new financial information system, that replaced the legacy JD Edwards FIS.

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Anyone on campus who used the legacy FIS (JD Edwards), as well as any campus members who travel, procure goods, or approve either activity will need access to use UWinsite Finance.

The General Ledger (GL) holds the main records of the University and is at the centre of UWinsite Finance. All transactions flow through the various modules to arrive at the GL.

Issuing payment to suppliers for goods and services.

Issuing invoices and processing deposits.

Online travel and expense claim submission tool.

The budgeting and forecasting tool included in UWinsite Finance.

Project management for research, capital and maintenance projects.

Obtaining and understanding reports issued by UWinsite Finance.

Online purchase requisition and ordering tool.

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Finance Oracle Quarterly Update Release Ticket & Workflow

Documentation on the release ticket for Oracle Quarterly Updates and associated workflow.

Triaging finance tickets

This article explains who resolves tickets for specific UWinsite Finance system modules.

UWinsite Finance Training

There is a number of upcoming training opportunities that are open to all faculty and staff. Please note that staff members are required to obtain approval from their supervisor prior to registration. Registration is required to attend any of those sessions.

What is UWinsite Finance?

UWinsite Finance is a new finance system that is part of a campus-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation scheduled to go live in February 2018.

UWinsite Finance FAQ: Technical

Frequently asked questions on technology-related topics, such as supported platforms, credentials, technical support, etc.

UWinsite Finance FAQ: Data Governance

Frequently asked questions related to the governance of data stored in the UWinsite Finance cloud-based system.

UWinsite Finance FAQ: Paperless Processing and Electronic Workflow

Frequently asked questions related to process automation.