UWinsite Finance FAQ: Technical


What is my UWinsite Finance username and password?

You will use your UWin Account ID and Password to access UWinsite Finance so there is no need to learn new credentials. That said, your UWin Account Password must comply with the University’s password requirements as of December 1, 2017.  For more details about your UWin ID and Password, or to update your Password, visit uwindsor.ca/myuwinaccount.


Will UWinsite Finance be accessible on both Macs and PCs?

Yes. UWinsite Finance will be accessible on both platforms. There is also a mobile expense app for both Android and iOS mobile devices.


Will UWinsite Finance affect the performance of our desktop computers? Will there be a need to purchase new equipment?

No, UWinsite Finance is a cloud-based system that is accessed through an Internet browser. It will not affect desktop performance nor will it require any new equipment.


Who will support technical challenges arising from the new system?

UWinsite Finance is a cloud-based system. The University will work directly with Oracle for technical support as part of our maintenance contract. 

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