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Why did I get a cheque not an EFT for my expense reimbursement?

We are finding that faculty and staff are choosing “cheque” as their payment method when submitting expense claims.  Please DO NOT choose cheque unless you are being reimbursed in US Dollars.  If you choose cheque, even if your banking information is in the system, we will print you a cheque. We do not print cheques as frequently as we run EFT’s, so your reimbursement will be delayed if you choose cheque.    


Invoices from suppliers/vendors following Purchase Order approvals – how are payments being handled in a paperless system?

Invoices related to PO’s will automatically go to Accounts Payable (AP) and the invoice will be processed for payment once the receipt of goods happens online.  This means that users do not need to approve an invoice and send it for payment as long as there is a matching PO, and the user has acknowledged receipt of the service or good.


What about invoices received where no Purchase Order was issued?

The non-PO invoices will almost always be received by people across campus and not in A/P.  A form is available on the Finance Department’s website that will have to be submitted along with the Payment Request Invoice.  The Form will be completed and scanned (with the invoice) by the campus user to the following AP e-mail box: APInvoices@uwindsor.ca.  This will upload the invoice to the system with enough account information so that AP can start the payment process.  If they require any additional information, they will have the contact information from the form and the scanned invoice and will get a hold of the user for additional information.


How will expense forms for interviewees and guests be handled, since these people don’t have access to UWinsite Finance?

A Payment Request Form has been developed to facilitate the payment of invoices were issuing a PO wouldn’t “fit”. (i.e. payment of guest speakers, student recruitment, utilities, taxes, etc.).

  • Think of the Payment Request Form like a cheque requisition; you’ve agreed to pay someone and now have their invoice.
  • The Payment Request Form will be a smart form that you can fill out and submit online.
  • It is critical that you send payee information to AP as soon as possible so they can be set up as a supplier. Speakers will be set up as T4A-type suppliers.
  • For speakers, invoice or presentation poster or email chain can be attached as support for the payment request.


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