LABEL Makers Local and Networked

IT services will gladly setup your Label Maker and has found that the following two models work best in our environment: 

Local Label Maker Recommended Dymo Label Maker 400 series this product is available online and at most local computer stores.

Networked Label Maker recommended Brother QL-740 nw (N for Network capabilities) here is an online link regarding its features:

More information regarding our support of Label Makers.  ITS, Service Desk does not support Microsoft Shares with Label makers/printers.  Dymo Label Makers are complicated to network as they require a 2nd component (print server) to network which is often unreliable.  Hence we do not recommend these for networking but suggest they make a great and inexpensive local label maker.

If you wish to network a label maker we recommend Brother 740 nw (n for networking).   Just like a network printer it will require the MAC address to be allocated to our Network Team to enable it access to the local area network.  The print driver and IP address would need to be installed on anyone’s workstation needing access to it and a service call would be required.



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