How to record your external or temporary greeting?

Your voice mail greeting message allows anyone dialing your extension to hear the details about yourself. You name, department, extension and hours you are in the office are recommended.

In addition to your main greeting, also referred to as external greeting, you can have internal and temporary greeting.

If you do not enable your internal greeting, your external greeting will be heard by anyone dialing your extension from inside and outside of the campus.

Temporary greeting will give details to callers if you are away from your desk for an extended period of time (i.e. vacation). It will expire automatically on the date that you specify. While recording it, be sure to leave an alternative instructions for the caller (i.e. name of someone else who is able to help including their extension, the expected date of your return, etc.).

Follow these instructions to review and/or record you greeting messages:

  1. Log in to voice messaging system
  2. to access greetings press 82
  3. Press 1 for external greeting or 3 for temporary greeting.
  4. Press 5 to begin recording greeting.
  5. Press # to end recording
  6. Press 2 to listen to the greeting.
  7. Press 76 to delete & re-record if necessary.
  8. Press 83 to log out or press 4 to return to Main Menu.


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