Issues signing into computer after changing password

If your computer sign in password is linked to your UWin Account password (you are using a managed device) and your device only connects to Wi-Fi you may run into a problem signing in to the computer after changing your password. The following will walk you through resolving this issue:

  1. Sign in to the device using the previous password
  2. Once signed in forget the Wi-Fi network
    1. Click on the Internet access icon (bottom right of screen).
    2. Right click on uwinsecure and click Forget.
    3. Click on uwinsecure, click Connect.
    4. Enter your UWinID and your new current password to connect to Wi-Fi
  3. For best function of all Microsoft services (email, Teams, Word, etc..) restart the computer
  4. Sign in with the new current password


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Thu 7/21/22 9:58 AM
Tue 7/26/22 4:10 PM