How to view my time for Students and Part-time Employees

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  1. In your web browser, go to:
  2. On the Sign In screen, enter your UWin ID email (  Click the Next button.
  3. On the Enter password screen, enter your UWin password.  Click the Sign in button.
  4. If required, complete the Multi-Factor Authentifcation (MFA) process.
  5. From your main myUWinfo homepage, click on either of the My Time icons.

  1. On this screen, click the arrow to the left of the date to toggle back to see the previous pay period.

Note - If the Timesheet status shows In Progress, then there are still entries from the pay period that weren’t submitted yet.  You can still click Submit Timesheet

  1. To see the details of an entry, double-click the bar.

  1. This will show you the details of that time entry.



  1. Another way to view your time entries from previous pay periods is to click on the title My Timesheet (Students and Part Time Employees).

  1. Here you will see a screen with a calendar on the left-hand corner.  Find the date you are looking for by clicking the arrows to toggle between months.




  1. Once a date is selected, you will see the 2-week bar graph associated with the pay period of that date.  You will also notice the Payment Date for that pay period.  You can then click on the drop-down menu under My Hours.

  1. Click Payroll Status from the menu.



  1. This will show you a pie graph with a breakdown of the status of all your hours for that pay period.

  1. You can also generate a report of all your time entries.  In the Useful Links section, click Timesheet Report.

  1. Fill in the Start and End Dates of the period you would like to view.  Click Run Report.



  1. A report will then be generated with all your time entry details for that period of time.


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