Urgent Update for Critical Outlook Vulnerability

March 15, 2023

Microsoft has confirmed that a critical vulnerability was discovered and already exploited in Outlook desktop app. The exploit is triggered upon receipt of a malicious e-mail without user having to open it or read in the preview pane, which is what makes it so dangerous.

The latest monthly security update for Windows must be installed on all Windows devices that have Outlook desktop app as soon as possible to patch this vulnerability. This update should install automatically on administered devices, but you must reboot your device to complete the process. 

To check if there are outstanding Windows updates for your computer:  

  • Go to Windows Settings (click on the gear icon on the Start menu) 
  • Click on Windows Update (Windows 11) or Update & Security - Windows Update (Windows 10)
  • Click on Check for updates and wait for results.
  • Select Download & install if there are any outstanding updates



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Fri 3/17/23 8:39 AM
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