VIP 6G Manual Installation

VIP 6G is a legacy version of VIP 2020 that is required for the CORRESPONDENCE Module. Generally, only staff in the Office of the Provost require it, but please contact the assigned analyst to confirm if someone else requests it.


Client requires the following:

  • Access to \\\Apps\VIP
  • Access to \\\Apps\VIP\TEMPLATES
  • Access to \\\Apps\VIP\VIP\VIPprod
  • .Net Framework 3.5 with cumulative update applied
  • Oracle ODAC 11g 32bit installed. See article for Oracle install instructions
  • Microsoft Word activated and new documents editable
  • User must also be on the Firewall Allow-list for VIP and signed into GlobalProtect


  1. Open ODBC Datasources 32-bit. Click the System DSN tab and click on HRPROD and click Configure.
  2. Click Test and enter "test" for the username and password. 
  3. You should receive an error that the “username and password is invalid.” This means you successfully reached the database and did not authenticate.

    NOTE: If you receive a different error that the database is unavailable or there is an error with the listener, etc.. STOP HERE and troubleshoot the Oracle installation.
    The error message MUST be invalid username or password before you continue.
  4. Map “G:” to the following share: \\\apps\VIP 
  5. Copy G:\VIP\pcsetup_7G_winA8\4_ONLY_V.I.P. 32 & CRW 11 – WIN_A6.msi to the local computer and run it.
  6. Complete the installation accepting the defaults

Post Install Tasks

VIP 6G Data Sources

VIP uses two custom datasources: ORAVIP32 and CRVIP32
If current version of ODAC is installed, run the attached reg file to create them

Manual Settings for reference:
Data Source Name: CRVIP32
Description: CRVIP32 DSN for VIP
TNS Service Name: HRPROD

Data Source Name: ORAVIP32
Description: ORAVIP32 DSN for VIP
TNS Service Name: HRPROD

Desktop Shortcut

When VIP 6G was originally in use, custom commands were created to launch VIP on the server for each department. 

  1. Go to G:\VIP\VIPprod\Groups32\ and choose the relevant folder (ex: for the Provost Office use VIP-VP-Academic)
  2. Copy the shortcut in the folder to the public desktop. Do not move the .exe

INI File

Finally the program is hard coded to use a vip.ini folder in the Windows Folder

  1. Go to G:\VIP\VIPprod\
  2. Copy the Vip11.ini file to the local computer
  3. Rename it to vip.ini
  4. Copy vip.ini to C:\Windows

Installation is now complete.

Have the client sign into VIP 6G using the new shortcut. 


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