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This document outlines the steps for an administrator to use the three main features in the Hire A Person function using the new Administrative myUWinfo portal. 

  1. Authorization For Hire – Student
  • This request is used when you want to hire a new student for a student position.
  1. Employment Extension – Student
  • This request is used when you want to extend the end date of a student’s current position.
  1. Cancellation of Employment – Student
  • This request is used when you want to terminate a student contract.

How to Create an Authorization For Hire Request

This online process replaces the former paper version of the Authorization To Hire a Student form that would normally be filled in and emailed to HR for processing.

This new process in the myUWinfo portal currently applies to casual time entry student employees only.   This does not apply to GA, TA, RA or other positions that are paid on a contract basis.  Those contracts are sent to HR via a separate process

How to:

  • Log in to your myUWinfo portal: using your and password.   [Note: If you are already logged into a secured device you will not be re-prompted for your login credentials and go right into myuwinfo. 
  • On your main Home screen, click ADMINISTRATIVE PORTAL at the top.

  • Click Workbench.

  • Click Hire a Person.

  • On the left side under Initiate an HR Request, click Authorization for Hire – Student.

Please note: the screen on the right under “Pending HR Requests” will display your previous requests and their statuses. 

  • You are now on the “Hire a Student” form. In the personal Information section, if you know the individual’s student number, type it in the Student Number field. 

  • Or, if you do not know the employee’s student number, you can click the magnifying glass to search by typing in their name.

  • If you are hiring a non-student for a student position, you can leave the student # blank, check off the box “is not a University Student” and type in their first name and last name in the fields.

  • Once you have an individual selected by student number, their first and last name will automatically be prefilled on the form. Under Position and Salary, choose the Employment Program by clicking the magnifying glass


  • A pop-up window will appear with the possible employment programs. Click one of the codes listed.

Please note - the GA/TA/RA contract option should not be used for the time capture component of our new payroll system.

  • For an explanation of each employment program, click the bar at the bottom and scroll to the right to see the description.

  • Once your Employment Program is selected, choose the Position by clicking on the magnifying glass.

A pop-up window will appear with a list of all the jobs/positions in the selected employment program that you are able to hire on.

If the job/position you want is not listed, there are two possibilities:

  1. If it’s a new job that was never created before. You must let HR know to create the job in our HR/Payroll system. Follow the link below [insert link when created] to submit a TDX ticket to HR to request the new student job to be added to VIP.
  2. If the job existed before but it does not show on your list, please contact
  • Once the position is selected, the details of that position will automatically be prefilled on the form. 

  • Next, complete the Effective Date and Expected End Date by entering the dates in the format mm/dd/yyyy or selecting the calendar icon to choose the date.

Please note – student contracts cannot be longer than 1 year. 


For the salary, the system will default to the current minimum hourly rate for the position you selected. You can edit this field by entering your desired rate of pay.

  • If you are not yet ready to submit your request, you can click Save at the bottom to continue another time.

Once saved, the system will populate your request record with the highlighted information.


At this point you have several options, it is important to know what each button does and does not do.

SAVE - This is similar to saving a draft in your email. Note that this does not transfer the request to the next step in the workflow.

VALIDATE STUDENT - If you see this button, this will give you the ability to see do basic checks to see if this student is eligible for employment. This is a good check to do especially if you are unsure whether the student can be hired.  you will find more details on the validate student button below. You must first Save your request before it can be validated.

SUBMIT - After you Save your request and Validate the student is eligible for employment., you can use the Submit button to send the request for approval.

Other Buttons for quick entry especially if you have several to do.

DELETE -  Delete your request from the system.

DUPLICATE - Duplicates the existing request. Is good when you have multiple positions for the same person, or multiple people hired on the same position. More information on this below.

ADD - Create a brand new request.


Duplicating the request

  • To create another request for the same position with a different student, click Duplicate.

This will create a new identical request with all the previously inputted information pre-filled. You will notice at the top right-hand corner that it will show 2/2 so you know that you are on the second record created. 

  • Change the student’s information and click Save.


Adding another request

  • To add a new request for a different position, click Add.

A new blank request form will show up for you to complete for the next student.

If you try to leave the page before saving, a pop-up message will appear.

  • Once your request is saved, you can scroll to the top of the page and click Back

This will bring you back to the main page Hire A Person page where you will see your request listed under Pending HR Requests with the status of “In Progress”.

This is a very important screen as it will show those involved in the hiring process exactly where the request is in the workflow. Previously a department would need to contact HR to track where an Authorization for Hire is in the process.

Possible HR Request Statuses 

  • In Progress - You have entered and SAVED a request, but have not yet submitted it for Approval.
  • Waiting for Approval - The submitted request is waiting for the approval by the supervisor, your department head, dean, or director, or in some cases like IGNITE by the employment program coordinator. 
  • Approved - The request has been approved and has been routed to Human Resources.
  • Being Processed By HR - The request is being processed by HR.  A new hire, rehire or position change event is in progress.
  • Completed -  The request has been completed and the Student is hired on the position.
  • Cancelled -  The request has been cancelled by who. 
  • Refused - The request was rejected by the approver.
  • Returned - The request has been returned to you by the approver. 
  • Waiting for follow up - The Request has made it to Humans Resources, but could not be completed.
  • Waiting for document- The Request has made it to Humans Resources, but could not be completed. Documents are required from the student.


  • Prior to submitting your Request for approval, click on Validate Student.

Clicking this button will verify if the student is eligible to work. A system message will appear to confirm if they are eligible to work or not. Some sample messages are below:


  • If no other changes are required for the Request, click Submit.

Once submitted, a pop-up window will appear to indicate your request has been submitted for approval. 

  • Click OK. The Request Status will change to “Waiting for Approval” and this form will then be sent to the first/second level approver for review. 


How to Extend a Current Student Position

  • From the Hire a Person screen, click Employment Extension – Student.

  • A list of your currently employed students will appear. Click on the name of the student you want you to extend.

The next page will show you the details of the student’s current position. The only fields that can be changed on this page are the date. The new Start and End dates of the contract will automatically be prefilled in the “Extended to” fields based on the last day of the current contract. However, you can change either of these fields by changing the dates in the fields.

  • Once you are finished with your changes, click Submit.


How to Cancel a Current Student Position

  • On the Hire a Person page, click Cancellation of Employment – Student.

  • A list of all your current student positions will show.  Click on the name of the student you want to cancel.

The details of the student’s current position will appear. The only field that you can enter is the Cancellation Date. Type in the last day that the student worked as the Cancellation Date.

  • When you are finished, click Submit.


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