Space Planning Committee Membership and Guidelines

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The Provost and Vice-President, Academic or delegate shall be the Space Planning Committee Chair. The Office of Space Management, Facility Services, shall serve as Secretary to the Committee without vote.

Committee Guidelines

  1. There will be regular meetings that are announced with five days’ notice unless urgent circumstances exist.
  2. Whenever possible, requests made to the Committee will be provided to the Committee at least five days prior to the scheduled Committee meeting.
  3. Space requests shall be submitted using the online form available on the Facility Services portal.[RK2] 
  4. The recommendations of the Committee will be based on complete applications.
  5. Minutes of the meeting will be kept. The Minutes shall include recommendations and the reasons supporting them. The reasons shall be consistent with the Space Planning Policy.
  6. The Secretary will ensure that all information from the requesting party is included in the presentations to the Committee.

The Committee will be comprised of the following membership:

Voting Members:
  • Provost and Vice-President, Academic - Dr. Robert Aguirre (Chair)
  • Vice President, Finance and Operations - Ms. Gillian Heisz
  • Associate Vice-President Operations - Mr. Ryan Kenney
  • Vice-President, Research and Innovation - Dr. Shanthi Johnson
  • Director, Client Services - Mr. John Osborne
  • Interim Associate Vice-President, IT Services - Mr. Marcin Pulcer
  • Vice-President – People, Equity and Inclusion - Dr. Clinton Beckford
  • University Librarian - Dr. Selinda Berg
  • University Registrar - Mr. Ray Darling
  • Student Representation - One representative chosen by the UWSA, GSS, OPUS
Ex Officio
  • University President and Vice-Chancellor - Dr. Robert Gordon
  • Office of Space Planning and Management, Facility Services - Ms. Heather Cantin, Space Management Assistant
  • Manager, Facility Planning, Renovations, and Construction - Mr. Dan Castellan


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Requests for space are facilitated by submitting a ticket. Your request will be reviewed by Space Planning Staff for completeness, and if required, approved by the Space Planning Committee if applicable.