How to edit membership list of an Office 365 Group?

Each Office 365 Group has one or more designated administrators (aka "Owners") who are responsible for keeping the membership list of the group up to date. All group members have read and write access to all folders and files stored on group's OneDrive (i.e. "Documents" or "Files" section of the group), but they do not have the ability to change sharing permissions on any folders or files (only Owners of the group can do that).

Accessing membership list of a group

Follow these steps to access a page that displays a list of all members of a group:

1. Launch a Web browser, go to and sign in.

2. Click on Outlook (Mail).

3. Open your group by clicking on group's name on the left; you will have to scroll down to see Groups.

If you are not seeing the list of groups, click on Folders:

NOTE: If the group that you are looking for is not on the list, it means that you are not a member of this group but you may still have admin access to the group. In this case, you will need to clcik on More, then Discover, then All Groups on the righ side of the screen and find your group on the listing of all gorups. Clcik on that gorup, and from now on, it will appear on your list under the separate header Visited Groups.

4. Click on the x members link located in the right side of the screen in the top corner:

Adding new member(s) to the group

Follow these steps to to add a new member to the group:

1. Go to the members area of the group, as explained in the section above.

2. Click on the Add members icon

3. If you are adding someone who works at the University of Windsor (faculty, staff, student employees), start typing in their name in the field provided and Office 365 will find them in our directory and display matches. Be sure to pick the right person if multiple matches appear.

NOTE 1: Before you can add students to the group, you have to contact IT Service Desk and requested that their Office 365 license be upgraded.

NOTE 2: If you are adding someone from outside of the University, you will need to type in their external e-mail address. They will receive an e-mail message inviting them to this group. They will need to use their personal Microsoft account to sign in. If they do not have one, the e-mail message will provide them with a link to create one free of charge.

4. Click Save button.

Removing existing member(s) from the group

Follow these steps to to add a new member to the group:

1. Go to the members area of the group, as explained in the section above.

2. Point your cursor at the name of the person that you would like to remove and click on the three dots to display the menu. Click on Remove from group.

NOTE: If you do not see the three dots after you point your cursor at the name of the person, it means that you do not have administrative access to this group and will not be able to edit the membership list.

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