How do I access files stored on Microsoft file server network shares from a Mac computer?

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This article applies only to users who have files stored on Microsoft file server network drives via the workstation connected to Active Directory domain.

1.  Locate the Finder menu along the top edge of the screen.  If another menu is active, switch to the Finder menu by clicking anywhere on the desktop background.

2.  In the Finder menu, select Go, then Connect to Server...


3.  In the following dialog box, enter smb://  Also, click the plus button ( ) to the right of the input field to add this server to your favourites list below.  Then click on the Connect button ( ).


4.  The next dialog box will ask for your credentials in order to connect to the file share.  Choose the Registered User radio button, and enter your UWINID and your UWINID password into the User and Password fields, respectively.  Only if you are logged onto the Mac using your own account that nobody else has access to, you can select Remember this password in my keychain checkbox, so that you will not be prompted to enter the credentials for this resource again (until you change your password).  Click on the Connect button ( ).


5.  From the list presented, select the volume you would like to mount.  The volumes listed may differ from the ones listed below.  Click OK button ( ).


6.  Navigate the folder hierarchy within the mounted volume to find the folder that you wish to access.


7.  To create an alias (shortcut) to the folder, drag the folder to your desktop while holding Option   and Command   keys depressed.  The alias should now be on your desktop.  You may rename the alias to an appropriate name without affecting the actual folder it points to.

Original Alias

Renamed Alias




8.  Optionally, you may drag the alias to the Dock for easier access.


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