Known Issue: "Negotiation timeout occurred" error while using ShrewSoft VPN client.

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Some time ago, you installed the University's VPN software onto your computer running Windows 7. It worked the first time over wireless but has now stopped working. In the VPN Connect window, negotiation timeout has occurred error message is displayed when trying to log on to the VPN:


This problem is caused by a conflict between the VPN software and the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapter. This problem only occurs on Windows 7.

I.T. Services no longer provides support for ShrewSoft VPN for Windows computers. It has been replaced by the newer software called GlobalProtect. Please uninstall ShrewSoft VPN software from your computer, and replace it with GlobalProtect software. See Related Articles section for instructions on how to donwload, install and use GlobalProtect on your Windows computer.

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