How to run an account analysis report

NOTE: This report provides journal source, category, and reference information for a specific account in a given period to trace each transaction back to its original source.


1. From the Home Screen, click on the Navigator. Under Tools, click Scheduled Processes

2. From the Overview page, click Schedule New Process

3. Next to the Name field, click on the Down Arrow and from the drop down click Search…

4. In the Name field, type in “Account Analysis Report” and click Search. Once you have selected the report, click OK

5. Schedule New Process window will be displayed with the selected report in the Name field, click OK

6. In the Process Details screen under Parameters, fill out the following parameters

Subledger Application: Leave blank

Ledger: UW CAD

From/To Accounting Period: Select preferred dates (abbreviated month-abbreviated year) Ex. (May-21)

• Latest Date available is the current accounting period month Ex. (Oct-21)

Balance Type: Select Actual

Encumbrance Type: Leave blank

Include Accounts with No Activity: Select preference

Account Filter Conditions: Filter for a single department or program. You can change the fields as needed based on what information is required. Click Ok, once all desired fields have been selected. It is recommended you add the following fields:

• Department  • Program

• Click Advanced

NOTE: If Account Filter Conditions have not been defined, the scheduled report will not run. This step is essential in ensuring data is pulled for the report.

7. Under Advanced Options,  click the Output tab and click on the Plus Sign (+)

• Select the Document Name and the Format you prefer

• Recommended formats include PDF or Excel

• Click on Add Destination and select E-Mail

8. Under Email, fill in desired To, Cc, Bcc fields. Click Submit.

NOTE: Reports will be automatically emailed to selected recipients on scheduled dates and times.

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