Digital Asset Management System - Media Valet

Media Valet is the digital asset management platform for video and photography assets for the University of Windsor to be accessed by designated campus members and other key stakeholders for use in both print and digital communications. The platform is managed by the Office of Enrolment Management.

Digital Asset Management User Guidelines:

This form is intended to:

  1. Request access to the Digital Asset Management System and digital assets;
  2. Reaffirm with all concerned the importance of the protection of digital asset copyright and permissions
  3. Secure the formal commitment of all concerned to adhere to the University policies and guidelines in this area; and
  4. Develop a formal record of acknowledgement to these principles.

This form will be maintained by the Office of Enrolment Management. Access may be withdrawn without notice.

Access to information contained in the Digital Asset Management system or any other source by authorized persons is only granted on a need-to-know basis in order to perform your official job duties. By accessing the Digital Asset Management platform, you may be able to access Confidential Information, such as documents, know-how, trade secrets and any other information that a reasonable person would understand to be Confidential Information. You understand that you are not to disclose or use for any other purpose than outlined within your position at the University to share Confidential Information.

You understand that University of Windsor has agreed that this platform is to be used in accordance with all applicable laws and the privacy, intellectual property, proprietary and other rights of Media Valet, provider of the Services, and third parties is to be protected. You are not to share your User Account credentials with any other individuals.

By submitting this request for Digital Asset Management system access, you understand that, as a condition of your continued access to the system, you will abide by all present and future policies and/or guidelines of the University dealing with digital assets.

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