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How to open a ticket on the self-service Client Portal?

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A new on-line system for submitting and tracking service requests was implemented in the Fall of 2015. The self-service Client Portal provides faculty, staff and students with the ability to electronically submit their requests by opening tickets through the Service Catalogue. Users can then track progress made on their tickets and provide feedback directly to staff assigned to work on their requests.

Please note that if you just have a general "How do I...?" question, you do not have to open a ticket. Instead, you can Ask a Question on our Questions forum. Our staff will post an answer to your question within one business day, or open a ticket on your behalf to follow-up if required. Please note that all questions and answers posted on this forum are visible to all authenticated users so please be sure not to include any sensitive information, and only use it for generic questions (for example: "How do I enable Out of Office in Outlook?")

Opening a Ticket

To open a new ticket, you must first navigate to a desired Service Catalogue page that corresponds with the nature of your request.

Navigation to a service page can be done in two different ways:

  1. Searching
  2. Browsing


Searching Method

  • Enter a keyword or phrase, for example: "shared mailbox", into the search bar located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the globe icon and select Service Catalogue
  • Press Enter or click on the magnifying glass icon

  • On the results screen, click on the desired service document to open it.
  • On the service document, click on the Open Ticket button to access the on-line ticket form for that service

  • Fill-out the form and click on the Request button on the bottom of the form to submit your ticket.


Browsing Method

Click on Services and open a category that corresponds with the area that you are seeking support for. Locate and open the desired service page, then click the green button on the right labeled Open Ticket. This will bring an on-line form that is specific to the service that you requesting support for. Fill out the form, and submit it. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with tracking number and additional information.

All services are grouped in the following categories:

Category Subcategory Services
Accounts and Passwords  
  UWin Account
  Password Resets
E-mail and Messaging  

Student E-mail (UWin Gmail)


  Faculty & Staff E-mail (Office 365/Outlook/OWA)

Teaching & Learning


Administrative Systems


Financial Information System (FIS)

SIS & Portals  

Access to the services listed below is restricted:

  • SIS: Report Application/System Issue
  • SIS: Submit Data Change Request
  • SIS: Submit Change Request (other than data)
  • SIS: Report Request
  • SIS: Oracle Access
  • SIS: Conversion from Forte to Java
  • SIS: Project Request
Web Services  
Software Support  
  Microsoft Office
  Virus Protection
  Lotus Notes
  Adobe Acrobat
Hardware Support  
Network and Internet Connectivity  
  Wireless Network
  Wired Network
File Sharing and Printing  
  File Sharing
I.T Services Internal   Access restricted to I.T. Services staff only.


For example, to request a new shared mailbox: 

  • go to "Services"
  • double-click "E-mail and Messaging" category open it
  • double-click "Faculty & Staff E-mail..." category open it

The top service document in each category typically allows you to submit a general request for support. Some categories will have additional specialised services.Continuing with the above example:

4. click "Office 365 Shared Mailbox: Request New Mailbox" to open this service page

You will get to a page that explains what a shared mailbox is, and how to interact with it. You will find a button that brings up an on-line form for requesting a new shared mailbox to be created.

Once you complete and submit that form, a ticket for your request will be created, and a confirmation e-mail with the ticket reference number will be e-mailed back to you.

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