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New Networked HP Printer Setup (DHCP)

1) Get the model, serial number, MAC Address, data jack (Test jack and verify it is active) and jack #, building/room number, Owning Acc/Dept.

2) Create a new TD Asset record for the printer and add the asset to the setup ticket.

3) Network team will:

- assign IP address

- create A and CNAME records in DNS

- create IP reservation in DHCP

- update asset record with this information


On the HP Printer: (LaserJet Pro 400. Instructions may vary on different models)

1. Turn on and Press Ok to get into Setup Menu

2. Use right/left arrows to find the Network Setup Menu

3. Press Ok to get into Network Setup

4. Use right/left arrows to find IPv4 Config Method

5. Press Ok to get into IPv4 Config Method

6. Select Auto IP allocation


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