What are the correct settings on a Location document in Lotus Notes?

Lotus Notes uses so called Location documents to specify settings such as your mail server name, location of your mail file (ie. server vs. local), path and file name of your mailbox, as well as others. To access these location documents, open your local Contacts / Address Book database and click on Advanced then Locations.

During the installation for new users, Lotus Notes automatically creates two Location documents: "On-line" and "Off-line". If you upgraded Lotus Notes form version 7 or 8, you may have four Location documents: "Home", "Office", "Island", and "Travel". During initial configuration, Notes populates these Location documents, as well as any necessary Connection or Account documents, based on information you supply.

Typically, you will always use only "On-line" location (in older versions it was called "Office" ). We recommend that you delete "Home" and "Travel" Location documents from your Contacts, since you will never need to use them, to avoid switching to them by accident. You should only keep "On-line/Office" and "Off-line/Island" Location documents.

The following settings should be used with your "On-line" location:


Replace the value in the "Internet mail address" with your own e-mail address.

Ensure that the "Home/mail server" name is listed as "CRONUS/University of Windsor" rather than TRITON/University of Windsor" or "triton.uwindsor.ca"


Only the box next to "TCPIP" should be checked. All other boxes, if any appear, should be left unchecked.


Replace the value in the "Mail file" with your own mail file (mailbox) path/name.




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