What resources are available to assist me with building surveys in Qualtrics?

The following on-line resources are available to Qualtrics users:

You can also Ask a Question on our Client Support Portal, or or Open a Ticket for service request.

Mathew Chandler (mchandle@uwindsor.ca) is also available to assist anyone looking for help.

Qualtrics Research Service also provides direct support and are available to consult on best practices, sampling methodologies, and survey design.

Qualtrics Research Service Benefits:  

  • Translation Services
  • Data Quality Scrubs
  • More then 100MM panelists in 90+ countries (there is a charge associated with this)

Research Services Contact:

Raylen Welling - raylenw@qualtrics.com 

Technical Support


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You must open a ticket in TDX to obtain a Qualtrics account.

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Qualtrics is a comprehensive on-line survey creation service. These tools replaced Fluid Surveys and Lotus Notes based survey services provided by Web Services Group in the past.