Desktop Messaging Setup - How to forward voicemail messages to my e-mail?

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Note that access to is not enabled by default for every user of the CallPilot voicemail system. If you would like to have it enabled, you should submit your request by opening a ticket.

The CallPilot website allows you to set up a Message Forwarding Rule that will automatically forward a copy of each incoming CallPilot voicemail message to an e-mail address.

Please follow these steps:

1.  To log into the My CallPilot website you will need to be connected to Global Protect VPN. Then paste this link into the address bar

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Press continue. Then you will use your extension ("mailbox") and your numeric voice mail password. 

2.  Click on the "CallPilot Features" tab, and then click on "Message Forwarding Rule".

3. Click on "Configure Rule" button to add your e-mail address.

4.  Populate the fields as shown with your information,  ensure that the option "Mark original message as read" is not checked. If it is selected, uncheck it and click the save button.

5.  Return to the message forwarding rule page and make sure your e-mail address is enabled.  If it is not, click on the enabled box and select ok.

6. Verify it is functioning by leaving yourself a voice message: dial 6777 on your office phone to reach "express messaging " and send yourself a test message.

7. If you do not receive your messages, please check your junk mail folders. If the message is in Junk, create a rule allowing any messages from


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