What are the different ways to leave a voice mail message?

There are three different ways to leave someone a voice mail message.

Dialing the Telephone Extension

If there is a voice mailbox and the call is not answered or the line is busy, you could be prompted to leave a message.

Express Messaging

The Express Message feature is a quick and easy way to leave a message without logging into your mailbox or calling a local and waiting to be forwarded to the mailbox. The Timed Delivery option cannot be used.

  1. Dial 6777.
  2. Enter the mailbox number of the recipient.
  3. Press #.
  4. Record your message.
  5. Hang up.

Note: You may press # after you have finished recording your message. Or for messaging options (Private/Urgent), press 70.

Creating Messages From Within Your Own Mailbox

This requires logging into your mailbox and recording a message within your own mailbox, choosing the person(s) that you would like to send your message to, editing the message if necessary, and then sending it to the appropriate party(s). This method of messaging allows you to send a message to one or more mailboxes and use all available messaging options.

  1. Log in.
  2. Press 75 to compose.
  3. Enter mailbox number(s)
  4. Press # (after each mailbox)
  5. Press # (end your list with an extra number sign)
  6. Press 5 Record your message
  7. Press # to end recording
  8. Press 2 Listen to your message (if necessary, 76 to delete or 70 for message options).
  9. Press 79 to send message
  10. Log out.


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