How to fully sign out of myUWinfo when on a public/shared computer

myUWinfo is integrated with the Microsoft authentication system and single sign on (SSO). In myUWinfo, however, the log out option does not (and can not) sign you out from your Microsoft authenticated session. This means you will need to complete a full sign out from a public/shared computer in addition to signing out of myUWinfo.

To fully log off of myUWinfo and Microsoft authentication complete the below steps

You will see the banner below… 

This means that you have signed Out of myUWinfo . . . but have not yet logged out of the Microsoft authentication system and single sign-on.

So anyone using the public / shared workstation after you can simply click on the ‘Login Page’ and automatically because of single sign-on,  go right into myUWinfo as YOU. Even if you close your browser!

To prevent this,

When you are looking to fully sign out of myUWinfo please follow these steps after you see the Signed out banner.

  1. go to
  2. Click your image (or initials in the circle) in the top right corner
  3. Click Sign out 

The first sign-out, logs you out of myUWinfo.

The second sign-out, logs you out of the Microsoft Authentication – single sign on

Alternatively, you can use a private browsing window (incognito in Chrome) to sign in which will not save any log in credentials.  There all you need to do is close your Chrome browser.


In a future version of myUWinfo, the vendor will provide us a customizable signed-out banner.  Here we will add a link to directly log out of Microsoft was well.  But for now, it is two separate processes.

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