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Designed to explain how to fully sign out of myUWINFO when on a public/shared computer
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) combines two or more independent credentials - what you know (your password) with something you have (mobile phone) in order to create a second layer of security for your UWin Account. Even if someone knows your password, they will be prevented from accessing your account when it is protected by MFA.
What to do when you forgot your UWin Account password?
When selecting your new UWin Account password, it must meet the requirements outlined in this article.
The University’s IT Digital Password Management Policy requires regular renewal (changing) of passwords. KeePass is a tool which can be used to make organising these passwords easier.
Best practices for secure passwords
In the event that you forget your UWin ID password, answering three secret questions will enable you to reset your password online without having to visit the Service Desk in person and present your ID.
The new MFA system requires that all faculty, staff and students create at least one second factor for authentication. The first factor is your password. This document outlines the various options for the second factor, and explains the pro's and con's of each one.
Delivery failure report for the e-mail message that you did not send.
If you return to campus and
You can reset your MFA methods yourself following the instructions included as long as you have established your security questions.

If you have not established your security questions, you need to submit a ticket or contact the IT Service Desk (hours and contact options) to reset your MFA method.
How to reset your Novell password in Windows